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The Good News Clubhouse can be scheduled for use at your outreach event. The Gospel is shared on one end and face painting is done on the other. The clubhouse is attractive, bright, air conditioned (and heated in winter) and large enough for parents to attend with their children. Contact us for more information or to schedule us at your event.

When Natalie was sharing the Gold page, she said “God was before the whole world.” A kid said “He’s old!”

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Savannah was an energetic 9-year-old who hopped out and asked her mom “How many times have I been grounded?” She left twice, and the teacher had to repeat several truths, but she seemed to really understand the Gospel. She said, “I believe that!”

I was really excited and anxious before I left for the Good News Clubhouse. So much so, I had to stop and pray. I felt better but when I got there and started teaching, I felt bad again. I felt inadequate to teach or even paint that I thought "What use am I?" I prayed with one of my teammates. I then tried to speak truth over the lies. It was really hard and I am still not recovered from it, but one thing I am still trying to get through my head is that God wants me! loves me, calls me, chooses me! I am valuable in His eyes. I am enough. Teaching the Wordless Book and painting make me feel inadequate. I take too long doing both, I'm not engaging enough, and I'm not an artist like some of the teachers. Somehow God says I am enough because of Christ! And He will and is using me, even though I feel He can't.

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