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Good News For Every Child

Partner by hosting Good News Summer Clubs      5-Day Clubs

Good News Summer Clubs, also known as 5-Day Clubs, run for two hours a day for four days, usually Monday through Thursday. Hosts develop relationships with the children and their parents, CEF provides the fun and entire Bible-centered program, and the sponsoring church has the opportunity to host a Friday rally or other event at their church to build a bridge between the neighborhood outreach and their discipleship ministries.

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Your Part


Provide a comfortable space for your neighborhood kids. Invite, meet, greet and build relationships with them and their parents. Provide a snack.

Our Part


A team of three trained teen or other age leaders will come with the entire club prepared; Bible Lessons, Games, Prizes, Songs and MORE!

Choose a week that looks good for you and contact us to see if we have available times. Once your club is scheduled, you will also schedule a host meeting to help you be prepared and have all your questions answered!

Dates 2024

  • June 24-27

  • Julyn 8-11

  • July 22-29

  • July 27 - August 1

  • August 5-8

  • August 12-15



Times (Actual times may vary due to travel distance between clubs.)

  • 9:30-11:30

  • 12:30-2:30

  • 3:30-5:30

"Lucy told me that a guy was dating her mom and always talked about God. But he was abusing her mom, so they split up. I told her that it was too bad he didn’t follow what God says about being kind, our main teaching for that day."


- Summer Missionary 

Wednesday: Natalie talked with William about believing in Jesus, but he wasn’t ready. He believes in Greek gods and goddesses and isn’t sure what to do about Jesus.

Thursday: "Today only William came to Club! He came back for counseling after I taught about Saul’s conversion. I asked him “Why did you come back to talk to me?” He said “I think I want to believe in Jesus. I feel like I’m on a line of Greek gods versus Jesus, and I can’t believe both.”

I explained John 14:6 and how only Jesus can make us friends with God. He told me he wanted to believe in Jesus, and we reviewed truths. When I asked him “How does God feel about you?” William said “Well, He likes me, but since I believed in the Greek gods, I think He likes me about 1% less than He likes you guys.”

 He prayed and told God that he didn’t want to stay on the line. He wanted to believe, but he needed help. Then I explained how he could grow, and we prayed thank you prayers and he asked God to help him read the Bible every day starting in Mark. Then he prayed for snack, and even dedicated his life to God after the missionary story about Ringu! It was so exciting! He even shared that he had broken glass in a store and hit someone there and was escorted out."


- Summer Missionary.

"Today at Club I got to teach the Bible Lesson. That meant I would also get to tell the Gospel and after the lesson, give the call for anyone who would like to be counseled for salvation. When I did give the choice for anyone who wanted to know what it meant to believe in Jesus or how, two boys (aged 9-10) came back to talk to me. They didn't have any questions about believing because they had already professed faith in Christ but instead they asked theological questions. Like why were some religions different than others and about the catholic church. I found it encouraging that boys so young had deep thoughts about God and that they really think about things.​" - Summer Missionary

While LaKiah was changing a stuffed caterpillar into a butterfly, two sisters whispered to each other, "Wow! I've never seen that before." "Yeah, it's magical," said the other girl.

One little girl really took a fancy to me. She wanted to hold my hand, sit on my lap and play with her. I was surprised because she hardly knew me, and this was the first day she met me. Anyway, when we were done with the verse and I was going to take them downstairs to play a game, the little girl grabbed my hand to lead me and said," Come with me, even though I don't know your name." I thought it was so cute that she wanted to be with me, but she didn't know me. I guess it's just a reminder that the little things we do impact children/people.​

My last Club of the evening I was really sad because some of my favorite kids were not at Club. I prayed God would bring them back, especially that today was the last day of Club. I would probably never see these boys again if they didn't come. We waited but they still didn't show up. I continued to pray and begged God to bring them back, but I felt like He was telling me to surrender their lives to Him. Trust that He would take care of them. While I was praying and wondering about them, we had two girls that came the day before return. I know that whether the boys came back or not, there were children at Club, and in that moment,  I just wanted to keep praying and watch for them, God reminded me that He created and loves all children. Not just those boys that I loved dearly but the girls who were there. I then gave the boys to God and tried to focus my mind on continuing Club with who we had. To my joy, later during Club the boys did return! I was happy to see them one more time, but I was also reflecting a great deal on what God had shown me. Whether a child is my favorite or not, saved or unsaved; God loves them all and desires a relationship with each one. ​

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