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CYIA Assistant


The next generation of believers


New friendships and ministry skills


In your relationship with Christ

Your Role

As an Assistant Missionary, you will be trained to teach Memory Verses, lead songs, lead a small group and facilitate intentional game times. You will get hands-on experience teaching children and sharing the Gospel and biblical truths!



You will receive training during two evenings at the La Crosse CEF office.


Summer Ministry

You will serve a minimum of two weeks during the summer, but you can choose to serve more as you are available. You will be on a team teaching children in the La Crosse area. Two Clubs are taught each day for four consecutive days. Plan on working hard, having fun, and creating meaningful memories as you work on a team of young people to reach children with the Good News of Jesus Christ!   

For Parents

You will be responsible to bring your teen (unless they can drive themselves) to the La Crosse office each day of training and for the weeks of service throughout the summer. They will be driven to Club by a qualified driver from the office. 

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