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For His Glory!

For the Children!

Sometimes Change Takes a Moment

The children swarmed exuberantly into the classroom, bopping into the various desks, looking around at the books, touching items in the room. I was substituting for one of the Good News Club teachers and was told that all I needed to do was the lesson, but I soon found out the materials were not prepared, not in order, and no one but me was ready to teach them on the fly.

Jordan sat in a desk near the back, being noisy and disrespectful. Along with the other boys in the room, and some of the girls, I could tell I was going to have my hands full. When I would ask a question, I would get the opposite response from Jordan. I tried to handle the answers with humor and continue to press toward my true purpose, to share Jesus with these children.

The Bible lesson was Jesus calming the storm. It seemed like the story was new to most of the children and the Lord seemed to be speaking to some hearts as the lesson continued and the children settled down participating and interacting eagerly.

When I finished, the Gospel shared, I asked if anyone trusted in Jesus for the first time, Jordan was one of the five boys that came back to talk more about what it means to believe in Jesus and walk with Him. Now, very serious, he shared his new faith. What a joy to hear him pray and talk to God as His own child.

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